Ø  Mental Health in jail is 83% of the inmates, we need to change to rehabilitation instead of discipline.

Ø  Early detection of violence by the law enforcement officers.

Ø  Education of the inmates, it slows and stops recidivism.

Ø  Remove the police academy, it costs 2 million a year use the Regional Police Academy.

Ø  Create a Civilian review board.

Ø  Ensure that the body cams cannot be turned off.

Ø  Continuous community outreach.

Ø  Create a new complaint system.

Ø  Require increased education requirements for the officers.

Ø  Put the Blue-Ribbon Commission in place.

Ø  Create ongoing mental health training for all officers.

Ø  Create a new method to categorize inmates and house them correctly.        

Ø  Place Cameras in the jail ASAP.

Ø  Make sure there are supervisors on duty every shift.

Ø  Create a daily log of activity that is submitted to the sheriff.