I have been a chief of police. I have a BA in social work, a master’s in education and working on a doctorate in police leadership.

I currently teach as an elementary teacher. I am Hispanic. I have published articles in police ethics, community policing and police leadership. I am a lifelong democrat born and raised in Santa Clara County. I am a cancer survivor.

With a background in social work, I understand mental health illness and  there needs to be major change in the jail, stop abuse of inmates with mental health issues, to support rehabilitation to reduce recidivism. Develop ongoing mental health training of officers.

Develop Human Trafficking unit, start to test all rape kits, develop community policing into a department wide philosophy. Develop a review board that takes action swiftly.  There needs to be new blood in the top leadership in order to develop a new vision that will support major changes in the organization.

I am not afraid to take action on officers that abuse people. I arrested a police sergeant for raping a migrant child, resulted in prison for the Sgt.

For change in leadership vote Martin Monica.